Mturnerdesigns is a multi-disciplinary creative studio in Kent

We work with start ups, brands, advertisers, broadcasters and partner agencies to conceive and craft stunning video, brand identities, digital content and award winning marketing campaigns for both on-screen and off.
We have two fundamental aims; to enjoy the work we create and make our clients happy. This simple but effective combo has allowed us to build a strong reputation… without really having to shout about it.

Keeping it simple

Clients find us to be a refreshing change from larger, traditional agencies. Our multi skilled approach means we can really service our clients’ creative and marketing needs in the most effective ways possible.

We find what makes you extraordinary and tell the world through tailored brand experiences that help you flex, scale and transform. By doing this, we can create the best possible work that is wholly relevant to your business and your audience.


If pictures can paint a thousand words, imagine what twenty five frames a second can do!

Every video and animation we create helps illustrate the story behind a brand, product or services through the magic of motion….


Design is at the forefront of everything we do. We love using our expertise to bring your vision to fruition

Whether you are a startup or an a brand looking for a shake-up… we have helped tons of businesses get out there & get noticed…